Monday, July 29, 2013

Holiday Recap

Monday...the only thing good about it, is that Bachelorette is on.  That's right...hate all you want, but I have watched every single season. Even that sad, sad season called Bachelor Canada.
Last week was my first week back from holidays.  We didn't do much while on holidays, but it was nothing short of perfect.  I'm so lucky to have someone who will drive me three hours to spend a mere 10 minutes with someone very missed.  It is exactly what I needed, and I feel refreshed and replenished just from that little visit.  It was perfect timing -- last weekend was 5 years ago that I lost my dad.  It feels like yesterday, everyday..but I can't believe how time flies by.  I was 19 when I lost  him and I feel like I've come so far but half  it's half a decade later,  and it still feels like yesterday.   I know that a lot of good things are going to come my way, and I only have him to thank for that.  After the two night trip to Napanee, we spent the next day at the pool.  I clearly hadn't been outside since Winter and burnt to a crisp! I'm still peeling.  Needless to say, we didn't do to much to finish off the week. 
I don't talk about it much, but it what drives me to sit at a sewing machine and sew.  It's a form of therapy, and it gets my mind off of things.  I've found something that takes me away for a little bit, away from negativity.  Even if I didn't succeed in selling my products to other people, I'm still happy with just making things. 

Find what makes you happy!  Take a ride on the wild side and jump into something crazy, even if you don't know what's going to happen. 
Take a peek at this baby leggings I made for a mom-to-be.  Obsessed!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Vintage Tees + Holidays!!

It's Friday, the best day of the week.  What makes it even better is that I am officially on holidays.  I'm keeping it cool but inside I'm going crazy.  This is where I insert something about slaving away at a desk in a stuffy office for 8 hours a day.  I'm looking forward of a week of not knowing what I'm doing at all.  Normally it would be camping, but in an effort to possibly save some money, my boyfriend and I have chose to keep it to some day trips here and there. 
Speaking of you ever slip on his t-shirts just because they are so comfortable and worn in?  This is where my next project came into play.  I loaded up on old t-shirts and turned them into concert rocking, beach wearing, night-time slummin, crop top tanks.  The perfect way to add a little something extra to a plain old boring top, is to add a bright pocket!

Don't forget to enter the draw below to win the skull tank top! Draw will be made in less than a week!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Skull and Crown Tank Top Giveaway!

Today, I'm giving away one my favourite tank tops (starting at noon)!  You have one week to enter and the draw will be made on Wednesday, July 17th. 

What would you pair this with?  I think I'd do something a little edgy, and pair it with some leather skinny pants and some killer booty heels.  And of course, accessorizing is everything.  I'd finish it off with a pop of colour in a cross body bag and some layered bracelets.

Enter the giveaway below by telling me what you'd pair it with!  Good luck!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm back! And I want to thank all of you who still come by to read!  Apparently I'm really picky and as it turns out, I wasn't happy with the website I had launched!  I'll be coming back to that, but for the mean time, I realized that I kind of like blogging like this, so this is what I'm going to do!  You can shop Shirley and HASinspiration by just clicking the links at the top of the page. Easy, right? 
I had the opportunity to work with an a very talented young lady to shoot my newest pieces, and I'm very happy with how they turned out! Take a peek!
Aztec Mini Skirt
Floral Mid Length Skirt
Upcycled Jean Short Shorts
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