Friday, February 15, 2013

The Perfect Maxi Dress

I'm still on holidays and I never want to go back.  I came  up to my sewing room to put some labels on some things that I've made and long story short...I think I fell in love with this piece I've created.  I couldn't even wait until I shot it, I am dying to share it!!
Last summer, I think I look endlessly for a maxi dress.  I wanted a simple, black, cotton maxi dress.  I couldn't find one anywhere!  To this day, I still don't have one.  I came across this fabric a few months ago and I fell in love with its light airy pattern. It has so many colours yet isn't overpowering or hard on the eyes.  When I saw this fabric, I knew exactly what it had to become.
So here it is, the perfect maxi dress.

I hope you like as much as I do!   The possibilites with this are endless.  Summer concert, a wedding or a day out with your best girls.  Throw a jean jacket overtop or edge it up with a sexy leather jacket!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Change of Plans

This week was crazy.
I'd like to start by thanking everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes.  I'm officially 24 years old...and yes OLD.  I only say that because I feel old.  That's what I tell my Chiropractor at least.  I don't know what the hell I do in my sleep, but I somehow managed to get a nice little neck injury.  Maybe it happened during that nightmare where I was running away and battling blue alien zombie things.  Thanks for that Walking Dead.
So my last post was about how excited I was to be taking some time off and heading to Niagara Falls to gamble my life away. However... I'm currently sitting in my computer chair, at home.  On Friday my man wanted to take me for dinner.  As us Canadians are aware, we got hit HARD with a lot of snow on Friday.  We slid right through a red on the way to dinner and got into a car accident :(  So that axed our dinner plans, and our plans to go away this week.  We are both okay, but I wouldn't say the car is!  I decided to still take my holidays,  which I am enjoying just a little bit too much.  I could get used to this...
This means that I couldn't go get all that amazing fabric I was going on about.  So, I hit up the local fabric store and found a couple of things I liked..

But I wasn't satisfied.  So I visited the trusty Etsy shop of SewFineFabric and like always, found exactly what I was looking for.
Unprinted Linen Home Decor Weight Fabric from Premier Prints - ONE YARD
I'm so excited to get started on some new things!  Hopefully my neck/head will heal up soon and I can really focus on getting stuff done.
Happy Valentine's Day! 
Here are some pics from my snowshoeing adventure.  Stay warm!!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spring Inspiration + Gambling Getaway

It looks like I'm going to have a snowy birthday.  Although I've been inspired by all the upcoming Spring fashions and trends, it looks like we are going to have to hang in there just a little bit longer here in Canada!  We can't get to far ahead of ourselves!
I'm terrible at blogging, I want to blog when I have something to talk about, I don't want to just come on here and talk about nothing.
I often talk about what inspires me.  I mean, this is HASinspiration.  It's got to come from somewhere.  I've decided I'm sick of Winter.  Normally I love it, but I like Winter when there is actually snow.  I'm ready for the early Spring mornings, the sun, and for the trees to get their leaves back.
All of these amazing Spring outfits I've come across have really got me in the mood for some warmer weather.  They've lit the fire under my butt and lets just say -- I'm working really hard on something special! These cute outfits have had major influence on the products I'm sewing and the fabrics I'm using.
Spring outfit
Polka dots.  I've always like them, and especially in navy.  It's my go-to colour!  It's!
spring outfit!spring outfit
Bright colours.  I've always been a neutral girl.  The one who wears mostly greys, blacks and whites.  Lately though, I've strayed away from that.  All of these amazing colours, even combined just grab my attention!  I'm dying to pick out some great fabric.

Flowy's navy but in a long, flowy maxi type skirt. This look has been a major inspiration.  It's so easy and can be dressed up or down.
With that being said, I'm visiting the States in only a matter of days for some much needed R&R with my man.  That's right...3 days off work to eat, gamble ,shop and of course...induldge in a drink, or two ;)  The fact that I can drink for free while I'm pulling on that lever of a slot machine, may have had a deciding factor in our location for a little getaway.
Don't judge me.
I hope to come back with yards and yards of amazing fabric.  I've got a lot of great things on the way, you won't want to miss it!