Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Project #1

A while back, before we moved into our rental, we inherited these two awesome wingback chairs. I saw the potential in them right away.  I have never tackled reupholstering something.  I am surrounded by fabric all day, every day.  If I'm not, I'm looking at it online to see what I can buy.  I knew what this could be, and when my boyfriend and I bought our house, it finally gave me a reason to finish them. 
The chairs weren't in bad condition, the arms and the seat were just a little dirty.  No rips or anything, they looked like they had hardly been sat in!  As I started to peel back the layers, the foam and padding were all in perfect condition and completely reusable.  I wanted something with a pop of colour, and finally settled on this amazing fabric.  It was hard to capture the exact colour on the camera, it's even brighter in person!
It took a little trial and error, having to pull the fabric and operate the staple gun at the same time.  For the first bit, I had a hard time getting the staples to even go into the wood of the chair.  Eventually I managed to get the hang of it all.  Surprisingly, no injuries were sustained!!
I didn't post a play by play of the taking apart and putting back together process.  I was so anxious to get it done, that once I started I didn't want to stop.  If you start by peeling off the back of the chair first, the rest is self-explanatory.  You will see how it was all put together.  I kept each piece and used it as a guide when cutting the new piece. 

There you have it! We are going with something a little more neutral for the other chair.  Renovations are underway to the new house, and I'm getting wayyyy to anxious to post pictures.  I might have to post a sneak peak of what we've been up too. 
Some people may think we are crazy taking on a total gut renovation, but I don't think we would want it any other way.  It's fun and we can make it our own from top to bottom, start with these chairs!
Fabric from Sew Fine Fabric

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